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Strip and wax is a process used to maintain the appearance of tile and hard surfaces. The process removes the existing wax and dirt buildup from the surface, leaving a clean and shiny finish. Strip and wax can be used on all types of hard surfaces, including vinyl, linoleum, terrazzo, stone, and ceramic tile. The process begins by using a floor stripper to remove the existing wax. This is usually done with a machine that uses a buffing pad to scrub away the wax. The wax is then vacuumed away and the surface is rinsed with a neutralizing solution. After the surface is dry, a new layer of wax is applied. This wax is typically a floor finish that is applied with a buffer, and then allowed to dry. The advantages of strip and wax include improved appearance, increased durability, and easier cleaning. Strip and wax will extend the life of the floor, reduce the need for frequent cleaning, and create a protective barrier that makes it harder for dirt and other debris to stick to the surface.

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